Mission and IMS Policy

Mission and IMS Policy

Mission Statement

Retriev Technologies is dedicated to pursuing and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to best recycling practices and closed loop materials recovery and management.   As the most diverse recycling organization in the world, the Retriev team, together with our international parent companies, is moving forward to meet emerging global trends and to communicate our vision and blueprint for the future.  

In the coming years, innovations in technology and energy sources will continue to change and evolve more and more rapidly.  With unmatched experience, and our stellar track record in R&D, process, people, permits and the highest level of integrity and environmental compliance, Retriev is dedicated to leading the way with sustainable, resource saving solutions that are routinely and dimensionally different.  Retriev excels at delivering cut-to-fit battery management programs for a wide range of consumers, municipalities, government contractors and industries.  

Our goal is to help improve your bottom line, environmentally, socially, and economically.

IMS Policy

We believe that protecting the environment, and providing a safe workplace for our employees, customers, and visitors is a responsibility shared by management and employees alike.  We invest heavily in rigorous education and training programs, and our Health & Safety and Compliance teams are constantly refining and improving safety protocols to ensure the integrity of our work, the environment, and most importantly, our human resources.  

Retriev sees no conflict between our role of providing quality products and recycling services, and our responsibility for environmental compliance regulations and a safe workplace.  This commitment extends beyond our recycling plants and employee base,  and into our communities.  Retriev is committed to the continuous improvement of Integrated Environmental and Health & Safety Management Systems that promote compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulatory requirements for all disciplines.

Retriev’s approach to IMS (Integrated Management Systems) is to focus on creating a safe work environment, while maintaining and exceeding compliance with applicable environmental regulations.  We have developed and implemented a dynamic program for continually improving EH&S compliance and performance.  With a baseline for EH&S standards, we then identify goals and targets for a continued process of measurement, correction, and enhancement based on a finite set of disciplines:

  • Define responsibility and assign accountability
  • Employee safety and environmental compliance training
  • Routine environmental risk assessments
  • Routine workplace safety assessments
  • Frequent compliance checks
  • System assessments
  • Implement recommendations and corrective actions regularly
  • Highest level of protocol to prevent injury and illness in the workplace
  • Pollution prevention disciplines for both our facilities and the surrounding communities

Retriev relies heavily on these essential disciplines and safety measures to ensure that our managers and employees understand all of our compliance obligations, and that appropriate resources are available to implement and sustain the highest level of compliance.  We require that all employees follow the procedures established by the IMS, Integrated Management System, which defines our continual process for recognizing, managing, and mitigating environmental impacts, preventing injury and illness, and developing a safety culture for achieving and managing sustainable compliance.