LithChem Energy

Retriev Technologies continues to expand our solutions thanks to its unrivaled investments into battery recycling technology.  Operating LithChem Energy, our dedicated research division, allows for our continued advancement while others remain stagnant.

With LithChem Energy's dedication to the future of battery technology, it's no surprise that our capabilities in R&D and emerging markets are in such high demand worldwide. Our state of the art lab in Folcroft, PA regularly secures patented technology to include in our vast portfolio of intellectual property.

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Materials Development & Energy Device Manufacturing

LithChem Energy does not limit its research & development prowess to just battery recycling technology.  Quite the contrary, it also specializes in the development of components and manufacturing techniques for an array of energy storage devices, including batteries and ultra capacitors.

Specializing in the research of primary and secondary lithium cells, cathode materials, electrolytes and electrolyte salts, LithChem is novel in that it has expertise in both the product development field as well as the recycling field. The practical benefit of this dual identity is that LithChem can truly understand and develop technologies with a product launch in mind, while simultaneously recognizing the implications for the end-of-life management of its products and the products of others.

With several decades of experience and many patents in the area of energy storage, LithChem's proficiency in the world of chemistry, electrochemistry, materials science and cell design cannot be denied.  New and revolutionary discoveries are routine at LithChem.  Discoveries that we believe have the opportunity to change the landscape of energy storage and recycling.

Military Applications

When were not working to develop new recycling technology for Retriev, or to advance new energy storage devices, Retriev is regularly awarded contracts to progress the state of battery technology for military applications.

Portable, reliable power is a critical issue in supporting the electronic devices of today's military. Never have batteries played a more important role in military missions and the ever increasing demand for more power from smaller and lighter batteries is a continuous challenge.

LithChem is dedicated to “pushing the limits” of primary and secondary lithium batteries so our military can achieve their mission goals with a high degree of confidence.  For that reason, LithChem has become well-known in military circles as a go to R&D lab when the advancement of batteries becomes crucial to mission success.

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