Battery Services

To the layman, the term battery likely draws the image of a AA Alkaline cell used to energize a TV remote control, flashlight, wireless mouse or other household electronic devices. However, this variety of battery only scratches the surface when it comes to the industries and applications for which batteries are used on a daily basis.


Retriev Technologies has specialized programs and personnel to help with whatever type of battery you’re looking to have recycled. The ever-present consumer battery, the hard-working and powerful industrial grade battery, and even the state-of-the-art large-format batteries propelling the latest EV and Hybrid Vehicles down the road.


We can manage it all!

What kind of batteries do you need to recycle?

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Electric Car Battery Charging
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Industrial Batteries do all the heavy lifting behind the scenes, used to power forklifts, data centers, and cell phone towers, to name just a few applications. Retriev has the processes to make management of these large-scale batteries a cinch.

Electric & Hybrid vehicle Batteries are used to power the latest generation of fuel-efficient and gasoline-free cars. Ranging in size from 50 to 7,000 lbs., these batteries come in a diverse array of configurations, sizes, and chemistries.

Retriev offers more than just battery recycling services. We provide assistance with logistics services, a home for battery manufacturer production scrap, and expertise in all battery related matters. To speak to a knowledgable representative, Contact Us.