Frequently Asked Questions

How do you manage and process batteries at Retriev?

All batteries shipped to a Retriev Technologies facility will be recycled, meaning the recoverable components will be reclaimed to the maximum extent practicable and sent for reuse in new products.  For more information about our recycling process and the materials reclaimed, please visit our Recycling Technology page.



What types of batteries does Retriev Recycle?

We accept all battery chemistries and formats: Alkaline, NiCad, NiMH, Lead Acid, Li-Ion, Primary Lithium, Silver Oxide, Mercury. Contact Us and a representative will assist you with your battery management and recycling needs. 



Will I get paid for recycling my batteries?

Some battery chemistries such as lead and nickel have intrinsic value. Other batteries do not contain enough valuable constituents to pay for their recovery, and may require a service fee to recycle. The metals markets are fluid and the value for various metals and battery chemistries can change and fluctuate.  We will always strive to pay our customers a fair value for your recycled products, and to always recycle with a high degree of environmental integrity, whether your transaction is fee-based, or provides a monetary return. Contact Us for a current quote to recycle your batteries.



Are spent batteries considered to be a waste product?

At a basic level, any item that is discarded is a solid waste.  When the average person asks this question, in most cases they're really asking whether batteries are "hazardous" waste, and therefore, subject to some form regulation. This can be complicated by the different jurisdictions within state and federal agencies and the Department of Transportation or Environmental Protection Agency. Retriev experts will help you navigate the complicated regulations regarding battery recycling. Reach out to our team and we'll be sure to help you to create a program specific to your needs and your local requirements.



Am I required to recycle my used batteries?

An individual or business has many considerations when determining their requirement to recycle batteries.  In some cases, there are state and federal regulations that treat batteries as hazardous waste and make the improper disposal of such batteries a fineable offense.  In others, businesses are increasingly choosing to adopt environmentally conscious and friendly processes to limit their environmental impact and to help ensure that the highest environmental standards are always met. It’s always environmentally beneficial to ensure all waste items, not just batteries, are directed to a recycler instead of municipal disposal.  A recycler can ensure materials are reused and buried in the ground or sent for incineration.  When materials are reused they reduce our reliance on raw materials and limit mining, drilling, and other environmentally detrimental activities.



Does Retriev Technologies recycle small quantities of batteries?

Retriev has created a battery recycling program, called The Big Green Box, that is perfect for those people with only small volumes of batteries.  This program allows our customers to easily recycle batteries at their home, office, or school. All you have to do is purchase a Big Green Box, which can be used to collect and store used batteries. Once this container is full, simply seal it and ship it using a pre-paid mailing label.  We will receive the container at our nearest recycling facility and recycle everything inside.  It's that simple. Visit for more information, or Contact one of our sales representatives. 



What permits and certifications does Retriev Technologies maintain?

Retriev is a Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) Permitted Part B Transfer, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF).  We follow the US EPA Code of Federal Regulations and the Ohio Administrative Code.  We maintain wastewater and Air pollution control permits as an integral part of the facility operations. We train our staff to current OSHA and EPA standards to ensure that we can properly recycle your used batteries.  For more information about our permits and certifications, you can visit our Environmental Compliance  page.



How do I schedule a load for delivery?

The first step is to Contact one of our sales staff to help set you up with pricing and to get you all the information you need to properly ship your batteries to one of our recycling facilities. We will set you up with a date and time for delivery, and can even schedule a truck to make a pickup at your facility.



Does Retriev recycle other items, besides batteries?

Retriev specializes in the recycling of all types of batteries. We can also help with the recycling of other battery related items, such as production scrap from battery manufacturing lines. In addition, we have years of experience in the metal recovery industry.  If you have a unique item that you need help recycling, then we may have the knowledge necessary to create a custom solution for you. Please Contact Us to speak to a knowledgable representative.