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Mission & IMS Policy

Mission Statement:

Retriev Technologies is dedicated to pursuing and demonstrating an unwavering commitment to best recycling practices and closed loop materials recovery and management. The Retriev team, together with our parent companies, is moving forward to meet emerging global trends and to communicate our vision and blueprint for the future.


In the coming years, innovations in technology and energy sources will continue to evolve rapidly. Retriev is dedicated to leading the way with sustainable, resource-saving solutions to meet the needs of our customers, our employees, the environment and society.


Our experience, process, and people, and our commitment to integrity and environmental compliance are cornerstones for success.

Our goal is to help improve our customers, environmentally, socially, and economically, while we maintain our continual improvements to environmental, health and safety, social, and regulatory responsibility’s.


IMS Policy:

Retriev Technologies is dedicated to pursuing and demonstrating our unwavering commitment to best recycling practices and closed loop materials recovery and management. Retriev Technologies believes that protecting the environment and providing a safe workplace for its employees and visitors is a responsibility shared by all senior management and all employees. Retriev


Technologies believes that by providing quality products and services that comply with all environmental and safety regulations demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our workers, our community and the environment. Retriev Technologies is committed to implementing an Integrated Environmental Health and Safety Responsible Recycling Management System (IMS) that promotes our commitment to the environment and community through sustainability and compliance with applicable federal, provincial, and local regulatory requirements.


Retriev’s approach to its IMS is to focus on creating a safe work environment while maintaining compliance with applicable environmental regulations and developing and implementing a program for continually improving Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) compliance and performance. Once the baseline for EHS compliance and performance is developed, it is possible to identify goals and objectives for a continuing process of measurement, correction, and enhancement.


Retriev’s process for planning, implementing and continual improvement of this integrated management system includes:

  • Define responsibility and assign accountability

  • Employee safety and environmental compliance training

  • Assessing environmental risks and impacts.

  • Assessing and improving workplace safety.

  • Routinely checking compliance.

  • Conducting system assessments.

  • Implementing corrective actions.

  • Preventing injury and illness in the workplace.

  • Preventing pollution and protection of the environment.

  • Social responsibility and Life Cycle Awareness.

  • Material and waste management based on the reuse, recovery, disposal Management Hierarchy.


Retriev’s IMS relies on these essential components to ensure that employees understand their compliance obligations and that appropriate resources are available to implement and sustain compliance. Retriev Technologies requires that all employees follow the procedures established by the IMS. To facilitate compliance with the IMS, Retriev Technologies provides training in the required areas. Failure of employees to actively attempt to adhere to their responsibilities and comply with the IMS may result in disciplinary action, examples of such may include: work related consequences (e.g. suspension without pay, termination, etc.) or civil and/or administrative penalties as described in federal, provincial, and local laws and regulations.


The IMS defines Retriev’s continual process for recognizing, managing, and mitigating environmental impacts, preventing injury and illness at the workplace, developing a safety culture, and for achieving and managing sustainable compliance and material management.

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