Special Services and Custom Programs

Retriev offers so much more than battery recycling services.  We pride ourselves on making sure that all the details are handled from the paperwork to the permits, safely and efficiently, with best environmental practices. We also provide a number of complimentary services that set us apart from the competition when it comes to our ability to provide a comprehensive solution to any and all issues related to proper battery and scrap management.

We can assist with the movement of waste batteries to our recycling facilities from any location throughout the world.  Working with our customers and partners in regions as diverse as Siberia, Venezuela, Israel, Korea and India (to name just a few), our reach is vast and our expertise is unmatched, anywhere in the world.  

Further, we have the ability to work directly with battery manufacturers to reduce costs and to promote greater environmental standards in the management of scrap from the production process.

We’re truly involved at every level of the life of a battery, and this is what makes Retriev unique.

Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on being a dynamic, research oriented resource for the entire industry.  At Retriev, we’re constantly educating ourselves and honing our research skills and processes.  Consequently, we have the unique ability to create custom operational and management solutions where none may currently exist.


If your organization has a challenge or a problem, we're confident that our team can assist you in finding solutions.  We are so much more than commodity recyclers. We are consultants and advisors, collaborators and long term business partners that care about our customers.  Invested in safe environmental practices wherever we go, it’s in our best interest to help our clients to cultivate best practices at home, too!

Worldwide Logistics

A dedicated service provider to Retriev and its customers, JET Environmental specializes in assisting companies with navigating the spider web of regulations involved in the movement of end-of-life batteries and other hazardous waste across international boundaries to Retriev's North American recycling facilities.  

JET serves clients primarily in the oil services and oil & gas production industries, as well as clients in the battery manufacturing, metals processing, and hazardous waste management industries.

These committed resources (including base managers when necessary) help companies to recover and properly manage their waste batteries and other hazardous wastes worldwide, in the most economical, safe, and environmentally friendly manner.


Production Scrap

We recognize that not every production process can be 100% efficient.  Invariably, there is bound to be off-spec materials produced or assembly line trimmings that will never make it to the final consumer.  

We can help manage this production scrap by providing a recycling solution that can recover and reclaim important materials for certified destruction, and in some cases even reuse materials back in the production process.