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Meet the Retriev Team

Trail, B.C., Canada

Lancaster, OH 

Executive Team

Shane Thompson - President, Washington, D.C.

Shane Thompson’s 20 years of experience, focusing on battery end of life management, has made him one of the world’s leading experts in this rapidly evolving industry. His breadth of experience includes: environmental sales for Inco Ltd, (now Vale) one of the world’s leading nickel mining companies; driving U.S. policy and regulations related to battery recycling – and later leading the commercial/operations team – during his time at Call2Recycle; process development to recycle NiMH batteries at RediMet, a company he co-founded; commercial leadership at leading North American battery recyclers KBI/Retriev and Battery Solutions; as well advising clients through his consulting firm, Verdant Holdings, Ltd. on recycling nickel and other energy metals and materials (including rare earths) and the industrial and commercial products of which they are essential ingredients.

Kathy Bruce - Senior VP, Trail, B.C.

Kathy Bruce is a core part of our International Strategic Planning and Business Development team.  As a knowledgeable and respected recycling executive, and expert in Lithium Primary and Lithium Ion battery recycling, Kathy is a sought after speaker at symposiums and conferences worldwide,  educating a variety of industries on emerging global trends, and innovative solutions with Retriev's proprietary recycling technologies, When she's not on the road, Kathy oversees operations at Retriev in British Columbia.  With over 25 years of experience in the metals and recycling industries, Kathy's knowledge and expertise help us to ensure that we maintain and exceed facility and corporate compliance and integrity with all regulations in Canada and the United States. From international sales and education programs to managing Retriev's Canadian interests, Kathy is an integral part of our leadership team and Retriev's future. 


Richard Schutte - VP, Technology, Trail, B.C.

We're proud to have Richard Schutte's knowledge and vision as a key part of our Retriev management team.  Richard serves as our Vice President of Technology in Trail, British Columbia.  With over 20 years of experience in the mining, industrial gases, and battery recycling industries, Richard is responsible for process technology utilized in recycling lithium ion and lithium primary batteries.  Richard is conversant in best operational practices, as well as regulatory affairs, research, and development.  Richard holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia and is an integral part of our leadership team at Retriev.  


Rick Rose - VP, East Coast Operations, Lancaster, OH

As Vice President of East Coast Operations, overseeing our two flagship Lancaster, Ohio plants, and our Baltimore, Ohio warehouse, Rick Rose is an integral part of Retriev's core management team.  With over 25 years in industrial production management and supervision, and a 20 year veteran with our family of recycling brands, Rick's expertise, production and management skills help us to make sure that round the clock work shifts are operating seamlessly, safely and efficiently.  Rick and his team oversee all battery recycling and processing operations in Ohio including Lead, Lithium Ion, Alkaline, wet nickel, retorts, sorting, Big Green Box as well as our waste water processing program.  Compliance and safety are our most important commitment; you bet we're in good hands and always focused on safe practices with Rick who was a volunteer fire fighter for 12 years with the Good Hope Township Fire Department.  


Tom Plute - Environmental Manager, Lancaster, OH

Tom Plute, Retriev's Environmental Manager, makes sure that we continually strive to meet and exceed compliance requirements and guidelines, offering our employees a safe work environment, and our customers and community responsible, safe, and environmentally conscious services.  With over 10 years in the environmental compliance field, and a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Toledo, Tom has the knowledge and specialty expertise that help us to ensure that our permits, processes, procedures and people all benefit from best industry practices across the board.   When Tom's not busy overseeing permits and regulatory details, resulting in our excellent compliance track record, he enjoys traveling and has a passion for comedy. 

Stacy Delong - Human Resources Manager, Lancaster, OH

Our people are our greatest asset, so we're very fortunate to have Stacy Delong on board to head up our Human Resources Department, as well as overseeing Health & Safety and Workman's Comp programs.   Stacy brings over 25 years of expertise and best practices in HR, W.C. and industrial Health & Safety programs to Retriev, Ohio. Her excellence in attracting and retaining good talent and in caring for employees, ensuring that each individual is treated with respect and appreciation, is so important to helping us meet industry demand. She is dedicated to supporting Retriev in building a responsible and respected team who share our corporate commitment to excellence that we strive to deliver for each and every customer and program.  Stacy's friendly, personal approach is infectious, and she prides herself on knowing everyone's name!  In just a few short years, Retriev is thriving under Stacy's leadership, with enhanced safety performance stats and a philosophy and talent to introduce valuable human behavior based support strategies, and to care for each and every employee, all an integral part of our Retriev family.   


Steve Kinsbursky - Chairman, CEO of Retriev, Anaheim, CA

Steve grew up in the family scrap metal business. Over the past 40 years, his knowledge, vision, and dedication have helped to build a small Los Angeles junkyard into one of the most respected and forward-thinking global providers in industrial recycling today.  As an integral part of Retriev’s Executive Management team, Steve’s non-negotiable commitment to environmental integrity, service excellence and best recycling practices has helped position Retriev at the forefront of the industry. Steve received his B.A. degree in Geography from UCLA and has led the industry as a pioneer in environmentally safe practices and closed loop recovery for decades.  Steve enjoys collaborating on advancements in process and technology, and personally and professionally holds several proprietary patents for innovative recycling processes.  As CEO of Retriev, Steve is an active Board member and also sits on the Boards of joint venture companies Vertical Manufacturing, LLC, and ACT/Advanced Charging Technologies. Most of all, Steve has a passion for developing new markets and relationships, both domestically and internationally.


Andrew Christmas - CFO, Lancaster, OH

Andrew leads Retriev’s finance and accounting team. He is a seasoned senior accounting and financial management executive with over 25 years’ experience. Andrew and his team are responsible for developing and implementing the financial systems and controls to keep Retriev on track and operating smoothly. He works cross-functionally, providing the resources, financial guidance and expertise to resolve business challenges. Mr. Christmas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Columbia College. Andrew completed a Master’s in Business Administration program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Business and attended an Internal Residency for his MBA at the University of Cambridge.  Mr. Christmas is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Accountancy.